garage-door-extension-springsLike many people that own a home with a garage. Most don’t pay any attention to the garage door springs, or have any clue how to repair or replace them. The springs used with the opener are responsible for raising and lowering the door.

It’s very important to inspect the springs on the garage to make sure they’re working properly. Garage doors springs can be very dangerous if not replace or maintained properly when problems occur.

Keep the springs in good condition by wiping dust off them and keeping the springs lubricated. Make sure the door stays well balance to keep the springs and other components on the door from getting damaged.

Things you want to avoid with your springs are rust, moisture, and being bent out of place. Some of these things can eventually cause serve damage to the springs. If the springs are damage enough they may need to be replaced.

Replacing the garage door springs can be very dangerous if not done by someone with proper knowledge and equipment. There are two different types of spring that’s used on garage doors. Torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion springs are above the garage door and extension springs are above the upper tracks located on each side. Garage door springs are under lots of tension. If they ever break or someone inexperience is messing with them. They can be a lot of trouble and cause lots of pain.


Calling A Professional Repairman


That’s why it’s best to just call a local garage door company and hire a professional repairmen to take care of any problems for you. If the springs are functioning properly, but seem to be making lots of noise.

Before you call a technician try lubricating the springs to see if that solves the problem. If not, then calling a repairman for help is your next best option.

Do not try to repair any major problems with your springs or your garage door by yourself especially if you’re inexperience with this type of work. Doing this could cause injury to an individual and further escalate the problem with your door.

If there’s any minor problems like replacing rollers and you have the right instructions. Then this is something that’s okay for you to handle, but it’s still highly recommended that you get a professional especially if you’re not confident with taking on the minor task yourself.