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Garage Door Repair Gardena, CA Insulating your garage is just as important as insulating your home, especially if your house is attached to your garage. Insulating your garage will save you tons of money on energy bills, as well as keep your garage and home warmer. Here are some helpful tips to save energy in your home.


  • The best way to start saving energy is to make sure your garage door is as up to date as possible. Old garage doors cause drops in temperatures due to their age and materials. Installing a new garage door, with insulation, will nip this issue in the bud.
  • Insulate the windows of your garage, as well, using a window-insulating kit.
  • Lay garage mats down on the floor – this will allow the floors to hold in more heat.
  • INSULATE YOUR GARAGE! Insulate, insulate, insulate.
  • Be sure to also insulate the entrance door to your garage. You can do this using an entryway insulation kit, or by replacing your door.
  • Use caulking to fill in any cracks on concrete floors. Make sure the roof is also free of cracks and leaks.
  • Install interior walls in your garage if you don’t have any already.
  • Replace old, damaged roofs with a new one. This will retain heat, reducing energy costs.
  • Use insulating pipe covers to wrap any exposed pipes in the garage leading into the house.
  • Properly insulate all hot water tanks in the garage.
  • Replace or repair weather-stripping seals on your garage door/windows regularly.
  • Install a unit heater in your garage rather than leaving the entry door open to heat it. It will pay off long term.
  • Insulate all power outlets that are allowing breezes to flow through.
  • Make sure the outside of the garage isn’t damaged. This will allow harsh weather conditions inside.
  • Seal skylight in the garage with caulking, or by use a window insulating kit to keep the cold air out.
  • Placing insulated door stops at the bottom of your garage door will reduce drafts.
  • Replace any old or damaged sheetrock with new drywall to add extra insulation. Make sure it is ½ inch thick.
  • Shut all storm windows properly.
  • Make sure your garage is neat and organized, as this will allow heat to flow easily.

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